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Trade Talk – Industry News & Views

Rough Gem Supply What a difference 6 months makes!  There has been a significant shortage of rough gemstones in most catagories – this has been a gradual trend developing for a considerable time but has really started to bite since December 2008. REASONS:  A combination of factors, most completely out of the control of the trade but some the […]

Public Company Sapphire Mining

Those of you familiar with sapphire mining in Australia will know that most is done by small individual operators.  Involvement of public companies has not always been successful with Cluff Resources and Great Northern Resources exiting the sapphire industry to pursue other more lucrative minerals. While the above mentioned companies have repositioned their business in a purposeful […]

A good few weeks!

Despite the challenging economic times, we have actually had a few really good weeks in sales with excellent interest in machinery in particular. Within the last 3 weeks, have sold two brand new Gemmasta faceting machines and two Indian double-plate machines.  We have a replacement Gemmasta arriving in the next few days and a new […]

Shopping Updates

Have just finished a tidy up of our Faceting Laps section – we hope it will now be easier for our customers to find which option best suits them.  We have a wide range of lap types and grits with some fantastic kits put together (8 kits to choose from).  Excellent quality products at already […]

Still Good Finds for Fossickers

Noticed this article in the Inverell Times last week describing a spectacular find at 7 Oaks. Brett and Sasha McKinnon had been camping at 7 Oaks fossicking ground for almost a week when they made the find of a lifetime.  The Port Macquarie couple found a blue 42.13-carat sapphire on the second last day of […]