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Trade Talk – Industry News & Views

Rough Gem Supply What a difference 6 months makes!  There has been a significant shortage of rough gemstones in most catagories – this has been a gradual trend developing for a considerable time but has really started to bite since December 2008. REASONS:  A combination of factors, most completely out of the control of the trade but some the […]

Ruby Mining in Burma

The recent unrest in Burma has again highlighted the problems in that country.  The gem trade has been implicated in this by financially supporting the military junta’s repressive regime leading to calls for boycotts on rubies in particular from Burma. Spiegel Online – Blood Stained Rubies fund Burmese Regime  The Scotsman – Rubies are red with […]

Gem of the Month: Ruby

Red, the colour of love and passion, is also the colour of Ruby – the gemstone for July.  One of the most valuable of gems, a fine natural ruby is extremely rare and priced accordingly. Gemmology Matters:  Unlike many gems, ruby is only ever one colour – a pure red.  The reason for this is that ruby and sapphire are […]