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Madagascan Sapphire Mining

Found this very interesting slideshow on sapphire mining in Madagascar recently – by Lihee Avidan and Mat Heywood for the BBC.  Audio Slideshow – BBC – Sapphire Miners Highlighting the dangers of mining and the struggle faced by many miners to make a decent living, both the photographs and audio tell a fascinating story.  This image […]

Ruby Mining in Burma

The recent unrest in Burma has again highlighted the problems in that country.  The gem trade has been implicated in this by financially supporting the military junta’s repressive regime leading to calls for boycotts on rubies in particular from Burma. Spiegel Online – Blood Stained Rubies fund Burmese Regime  The Scotsman – Rubies are red with […]

Not Much Sapphire Rough Left

Buyers of rough may notice that we do not have much sapphire rough left online.  Mining activity has been ramped up to catch up on some back orders so fresh rough will be listed shortly.  Sapphire rough generally (worldwide) appears to be in short supply with better demand and higher trade prices lately.  This has meant we dont […]

Lightning Ridge DVD

Regular readers may know that Andrew spent last weekend at the Lightning Ridge Opal Show.  As always, this was an enjoyable weekend catching up with friends on the gem show circuit and doing some buying and selling.  Of course, the unique thing about Lightning Ridge is the amazing landscape and wonderful black opal to be […]

Sapphire Crystals

We sometimes get some interesting enquiries and a recent one was for a few small sapphire crystals to be cut into a sharp pointed shape.  Due to the natural shape of the crystals, this is not a difficult job so we picked out a few “dog tooth” sapphire crystals (so called for the shape).  The photograph […]