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April’09 Update

Hard to imagine that a third of 2009 has already flashed by – a reminder that life is short so enjoy it.  And what better hobby than Gems !! We would never have thought Aussie Sapphire would be where it is today when we first started the Online Shop in 1997 – we started off just […]

Public Company Sapphire Mining

Those of you familiar with sapphire mining in Australia will know that most is done by small individual operators.  Involvement of public companies has not always been successful with Cluff Resources and Great Northern Resources exiting the sapphire industry to pursue other more lucrative minerals. While the above mentioned companies have repositioned their business in a purposeful […]

Shopping Updates

Have just finished a tidy up of our Faceting Laps section – we hope it will now be easier for our customers to find which option best suits them.  We have a wide range of lap types and grits with some fantastic kits put together (8 kits to choose from).  Excellent quality products at already […]

Finally – some new sapphire rough

We know it’s been a while but we finally managed to find time to list a few new pieces of sapphire rough.  Just goes to show you’ve got to be quick though as one of our regulars snapped up two nice bits literally only minutes after they went live.  Didnt even have a chance to […]

Strange Sapphire Flat

While sorting some small sapphire mine run recently, came across this strange piece of sapphire. Only a small piece and very flat so not cuttable but interesting to collectors who like gems that are a little unusual. Three very distinct patches of colour – blue, red and almost clear (slightly yellowish). Click on the images […]