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Gem Display & Storage Options

You only need a few gems before you need to consider how best to store and display them.  There are a multitude of options out there but as always, some products are better than others.  After many years working with gems, we can give you a few tips on what to look out for. Gem […]

A good few weeks!

Despite the challenging economic times, we have actually had a few really good weeks in sales with excellent interest in machinery in particular. Within the last 3 weeks, have sold two brand new Gemmasta faceting machines and two Indian double-plate machines.  We have a replacement Gemmasta arriving in the next few days and a new […]

New Tourmaline Rough Listed

Have just received a new parcel of tourmaline facet rough and have spent the last couple of days listing some of the better pieces.  Some excellent intense pinks and other colours so make sure you check these out now.  We will be progressively listing more of this material – much of the remaining lot will […]

Finally – some new sapphire rough

We know it’s been a while but we finally managed to find time to list a few new pieces of sapphire rough.  Just goes to show you’ve got to be quick though as one of our regulars snapped up two nice bits literally only minutes after they went live.  Didnt even have a chance to […]

Faceting Machine Reviews

Buying a faceting machine is a significant investment for most people and deciding which machine to choose can be very confusing. At Aussie Sapphire, we pride ourselves on providing information and service to support the products we sell so we have just started on a new section to help people with this choice. HOW TO CHOOSE […]