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Minerama on soon.

Just eight weeks to go until Minerama – the Gem and Fossicking Show at Glen Innes. This one is always very popular so get planning for a trip to the New England for hands-on fossicking and heaps of gem show bargains. You can find more information at the Minerama Website.  The committee is still working […]

Faceting Machines

There are many ways to get involved in the gem hobby.  Many people start by fossicking which requires little equipment.  Once they get a collection of gems together, most start to wonder what is the next step.  We recommend that beginners to this interest consider investing in a small tumbler as this is a great way […]

Too Many Gems!

Of course, you can never have too many gems.  But we have a large stock of gems that we just cant seem to find time to list – this makes it a bit hard for our customers to really see what we have tucked away in the safe. SOLUTION:  Our new “Sneak Preview” section lets […]

Auctions are back!

It has been quite a while since we ran any Ebay auctions for sapphire rough but we thought we might put a few on just for fun.  This is a great opportunity for all cutters and collectors out there to secure some nice Reddestone sapphire at great prices.  Check out our current auctions here. This lot […]

Gemstone Photography

Gemstone photography is one of the most critical aspects of selling gems online.  While our own photography has improved markedly since starting the website, we know there is plenty of room left for improvement.  Even with the best equipment and photographic skills, this particular area is incredibly specialised and very few people can do it […]