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e-Catalogue and closing the Ebay Store

When we first started out selling on the internet, we did quite a bit of selling on Ebay while we built up some brand recognition for Aussie Sapphire.  While it is a minefield buying gems on Ebay, we soon found that in terms of rough sapphire, buyers were starved for quality and we were very […]

Ebay Turmoil

Most of our regular customers will know that we have reduced our Ebay selling significantly since the last increase in fees – quite simply, we can offer you better prices direct from our website if we dont have to pay Ebay their cut as well. However, we do still run the occasional special as a […]

Auctions are back!

It has been quite a while since we ran any Ebay auctions for sapphire rough but we thought we might put a few on just for fun.  This is a great opportunity for all cutters and collectors out there to secure some nice Reddestone sapphire at great prices.  Check out our current auctions here. This lot […]