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Aussie Sapphire is a fully Australian owned online and mail order store based in Glen Innes, NSW Australia. This website is owned and operated by AF and LA Lane (ABN 84 731 562 254) trading as Aussie Sapphire. It is a family run enterprise owned by Andrew and Leah Lane with the help of our two boys Patrick and Angus and our behind the scene helpers Malcolm, Noeline, Peter (warehouse/workshop) and Belinda (book keeping).

Established in 1997, Aussie Sapphire started out as an online outlet for sapphire and other gems from the Reddestone Creek Mine located on our property. Since the closure of the mine in 2009, lapidary supplies has become the main focus of Aussie Sapphire with customers across the gemstone, glassworking and mass finishing industries. From small beginnings, Aussie Sapphire has grown to become the largest lapidary supplier in Australia.

We sponsor and manage the Aussie Lapidary Forum – one of the fastest growing lapidary and fossicking forums on the internet – check it out if you are into rocks and gems.

We have run this blog for some years now and it acts to serve as an archive for some of our articles over the time we have operated the business. For breaking news, you may also like to subscribe to our Facebook page for news updates and announcements as well as articles of interest from around the web.


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    I have a friend who has a gem faceting and wonder were can he sell his faceting stuff. He only used it few times but like to sell them. Do you know how we go about it and whats the best place to sell it ? Not keen on ebay stuff but something that people are interested. Cheers

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    Ebay is actually a pretty good place to sell this type of gear – it is usually sought after and sells well if described accurately.

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