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Celtic Festival 2006

Have just returned from a very successful and enjoyable weekend at the Standing Stones of Glen Innes – the site of the annual Celtic Festival. This year's festival was better than ever despite a little rain on Sunday at lunchtime which put a bit of a dampener on some of the activities. We enjoyed chatting to many visitors to the town who were very interested to learn more about sapphire mining in the local area.

The Celtic Festival is a celebration of Celtic heritage and culture through song, dance and entertainment. The festival is held at the Australian Standing Stones, comprising 40 granite monoliths set in a circular array orientated to mark the summer and winter solstices. This setting is entirely appropriate to the many activities on offer this weekend – a number of pipe bands and other musical entertainment, dancing (Scottish and other forms) and re-enactments from relevant historical eras.

The soldiers in red are from the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment. The warriors in action in this photo are from the 9th Roman Legion – very entertaining to see how the gladiatorial battles of old might have looked. Toss in a few Medieval Knights in shining armour and the spectacle is complete.

The Festival also features traditional Strongman events, sheep dog trials and many interesting market stalls. If you havent been to the Celtic Festival yet, mark it in your calendar for next year. A great weekend for all.

Of course, bagpipes and kilts are in abundance and Glen Innes has a very fine pipe band seen here in full voice.Thank you to all those visitors who made our weekend a success. We made many sales of jewellery and it makes us very proud to see people from all over Australia wearing our unique and beautiful gems.

Remember, if you missed us at the Celtic Festival, check out our website or contact us anytime with your enquiry.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire