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Yarrow Creek zircon

Just picked up this zircon from an old fossicker who found it some years ago at Yarrow Creek on the eastern side of Glen Innes (our mine is just to the west of Glen Innes). This stone is honey coloured but is extremely clean – very nice piece and one of the largest zircons we have seen at just over 95 carats. Can click on the small images below to see the full size photographs.

People go fossicking or rockhounding at Yarrow Creek to find sapphire mostly but you can find garnet and clear or smoky quartz as well. The areas on the eastern side of Glen Innes are much more sandy in soil type and there is a slightly greater variety of gems found. Garnet, topaz and good quartz is much more rare where we mine on the black flats of the Reddestone Creek.

No commercial mining is carried out at Yarrow Creek – just some fossicking but this large zircon was certainly a very good find. The rarity of stones of this size combined with the excellent clarity should make it quite valuable indeed.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

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