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Fossicking at Minerama

Fossicking at Glen Innes is a popular activity for many visitors to the town and Minerama provides an excellent opportunity for this with guided tours to a range of locations – some of which are not normally open to the public.

This year, trips were offered to these locations:

YARROW CREEK – sapphire, pyrope garnet, zircon & clear/smoky quartz

TINGHA – quartz gems, especially clear/smoky quartz & “grass-stone”

THE GULF FLUORITE MINES – Good mineral specimens can be picked up or dug from the mine dumps – fluorite, beryl, candle crystals of quartz, chlorite and copper minerals

SURFACE HILL – tin, topaz and some beryl

PRETTY VALLEY – sapphire including dog tooth, yellow and brilliant parti-colour, larger corundum crystals, zircon (including pink), clear and smoky quartz, black tourmaline.

REDDESTONE CREEK – sapphire and zircon.

EMMAVILLE – fluorite, beryl, candle crystals of quartz, galena, chlorite, arsenopyrite, cassiterite

The Reddestone Creek trip was a highlight again this year as this area is not normally open to the public. As Reddestone Creek sapphires are highly prized for their top quality, keen fossickers are always interested to get the chance to dig one up themselves.

Photo above shows the area being worked – two fossickers are being given a little help to shift some rocks from our son Angus.

As always, there is a lot of dirt mixed in with those beautiful Reddestone blues. However, determined fossickers were rewarded for their efforts with a large 16.2 carat sapphire being found along with some 10 carat sapphires and a nice 8.6 carat zircon. We heard that most people went home happy with some colour and a pleasant day out by the Creek. This next photo is another shot of some visitors working hard to see some colour in the sieves.

Thank you to the Tour Guides and the Minerama Committee for making this tour possible – Aussie Sapphire is always pleased to help out with providing access to our property. We hope to run this tour again next year at Minerama so hope to see you here.

Remember that if you missed out on finding a great sapphire from Glen Innes, there is always lots of choice in our online shop – both rough and cut gems direct from our mine.

Cheers from Aussie Sapphire