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Sapphire Still Number 1

The latest retail survey carried out by Colored Stone confirms the popularity of sapphire among retail buyers of coloured gemstones. Sapphire retains its number 1 spot in the Top 10 list – given the fantastic qualities of this gemstone, we do not expect this to change. However, the survey reveals some interesting trends with emerald losing popularity and some of the more affordable semi-precious gems climbing the Top 10 rankings.

All this is good news for the gemstone buyer as increased interest in the huge variety of coloured gemstones means that a trip to your local jewellery store is much more likely to have spectacular choice in colour and style. Add some colour to your life !

Very interesting reading with comments from prominent retailers and designers along with fascinating charts exploring these recent retail market trends. Check it out:

Semi Precious Revenge – Annual Retail Survey by Colored Stone.

Feel free to contribute your comments and thoughts on this topic. Remember to browse our Ebay Store for rough and cut gems of a variety of colours including the ever-popular sapphire.
Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire