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New Diamond Laps for Faceting

Last month we introduced a range of new polishing laps to give you even more choice in lapidary.  This month, we have a whole bunch of new diamond laps to add to the mix.

Diamond Laps are the workhorses of the lapidary industry and used for grinding and shaping gems prior to polishing.  Our Auscut diamond laps have proved to be very popular here in Australia and do a fantastic job at an affordable price.  However, as always, Aussie Sapphire aims to bring maximum choice so you have select the right tool for the job at hand.

Therefore, we have created a whole new category of Specialty Diamond Laps with a range of laps – each designed for a particular job – particularly if you are a professional gem cutter (or even just a serious hobbyist who enjoys using the best tools available).  Check out these new laps:

Nu-Bond resin bond diamond laps scratch less when new, and require little if any break-in.  Compared to electroplated laps, Nu-Bond laps last longer and cut more consistently throughout their life because the diamond particles are friable and self-sharpening.   Definitely worth a try – choose a grit size coarser than you usually use in a plated lap – ie. a #600 NuBond lap will cut like a #1200 plated lap.

For cutters who really need to rough out a lot of material fast, we recommend our new Channel Laps – these have a textured surface to allow cutting debris to flow away and keep you cutting faster and more efficiently.  These laps are quite aggressive but for fast cutting, nothing beats them.  Choose from a range of grits from #80 to #3000.

For the real professionals who need maximum longevity in a lap, we recommend Sintered Laps – while these are more expensive, they will outlast plated laps many times over.  With a full layer of diamond of up to 6mm, these laps will cut smooth and consistently over their lifetime.  If you do a lot of cutting, consider how much you spend on replacing your topper laps – you may well find these cheaper in the long run compared to replacing plated laps frequently.  Add the benefit of consistency when cutting – no more waiting for a plated lap to cut finer as it wears.

Another new product for cutters looking to maximise their cutting efficiency is our new Bullseye Laps – these are more suited to cutting smaller commercial-size stones but allow you to cut 3 different grits on the one lap.  By compromising a little on available room, you pick up much more on time and reducing indexing errors by avoiding lap changes while cutting.  Available in Coarse (#80/#180/#360)or Fine (#600/#1200/#3000) versions in 8″ diameter – these will really “rev up” your cutting efficiency.

Finally, we now have magnetic adaptors so you can change your master laps over to a magnetic system – quick-change convenience when changing laps saves you time and money.  Available in both 6″ and 8″ sizes – see the Master Lap category.

We’ve still got plenty more to unpack from our latest container so check back soon for more great new products from Aussie Sapphire – the Lapidary Warehouse with the biggest range, best prices and unbeatable service.

cheers for now from the Aussie Sapphire team.