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Links of Interest

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas-New Year break. If you are looking for some interesting internet sites to help you while away your holidays, you may be interested in some of the following suggestions.

The Rock Identification Key – by Donald Peck
The Mineral Identification Key – by Alan Plante and Donald Peck
Both of these are hosted at Bob's Rock Shop website and are very comprehensive – I'm sure would be interesting to any amateur geologist or rock collector.

Index of Faceting Diagrams – Bob's Rock Shop
This list of faceting diagrams would be invaluable to the hobby faceter or lapidary – some of these designs are spectacular.

Here at Aussie Sapphire, we are flat out working to get up and running again for 2006. The mine will just be closed for just 2 weeks while we harvest some of our crops (have to keep the farm running as well). Just grading up some nice new rough and cut gems to list on Ebay as soon as possible so keep an eye out for these new specials. Ebay auctions will resume mid January.

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Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire