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Crushed Walnut Shell

Crushed Nut Shell (usually walnut) is an excellent tumbling medium but it has a whole range of other uses. Nut Shell is ideal for:

  • Tumbling media for soft (Moh 4½ or below) or fragile materials such as opal, shell, coral, amber, seeds (nuts or sea beans), etc.
  • Tumbling media for polishing a range of metal items – used in association with red rouge (for brass, copper, gold, etc) or green rouge (for silver, aluminium, nickel, etc), nut shell will do a good job of removing tarnish and polishing to a high sheen.
  • Popular with reloaders to polish brass cartridges before reloading.
  • Ideal for sewing craft – can be used as a filler for pin cushions, etc (recommended for items unlikely to be washed).  Fantastic in pincushions as it keeps the needles sharp and tarnish-free.
  • Smaller sizes are used as a soft blasting media for stripping paint, etc from metal surfaces.  Gentle and safe (silica free).

WARNING:  DON’T use it as bedding for reptiles.  You will commonly see recommendations that crushed nut shell is good to use as flooring substrate for reptile enclosures – this is actually not a good idea and can be dangerous for the animal.

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