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Some new developments

Just a short announcement to explain some of the website alterations. Those visitors arriving to the blog via the news flash page will already have noticed the news feed on the main website. As the blog is updated more regularly than the News Flash page, it made sense to automatically feed these articles directly to the News Page. Hope that this feature makes life a little easier for those wanting to keep up with the latest developments at Aussie Sapphire. Please note that if there are no articles showing in the newsfeed box, you may need to manually refresh the News Flash page to grab the most recent information.

We are also continuing the process of moving most of our inventory over to the Ebay Store and have now revised the online shop pages to reflect this change. While this has been done to reach a larger audience and facilitate easier listing/selling of our many items, please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to make a special order. Much of our stock goes direct to standing orders from the trade or by negotiation for special purchases so just email us if you dont see what you need online. Trade customers and resellers are still very important to us, contact us at any time with your requirements and we will help.

Special sapphire of the highest quality is very hard to find. Often sapphire like this is sold at greatly inflated prices simply because of the reputation of the trader. Most traders (even these high class ones) just visit Thailand and buy what seems to be good for them – if there is no independant laboratory certificate, the buyer will have to take the word of the seller as to the treatment status and origin. After many decades of our best sapphire being re-labelled as being from other more desirable locations, we know only too well that great sapphire may be from a variety of sources. There are many steps in the supply chain for sapphire and other precious gems. The only way to be totally sure you are buying what you think you are, is to buy direct from the source with the added advantage of far more reasonable pricing.

Aussie Sapphire offers this unique benefit – we can offer these truly collectable gems without the extra markups in the supply chain and our signed Certificate of Authenticity guarantees the origin and treatment status of each gem from our mine. The photo above shows just one example of a fine blue sapphire from our mine – this beauty is 3.3 carats and completely natural (unheated). A rare gem with lasting value.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

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