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Coins as Pendants

One new product we have just added is a coin bezel mount.

This is a great idea to turn a coin with sentimental value into a wearable memento.  You may have an old coin minted in a year of special significance or one of the celebration coins that are regularly issued – now you can easily turn these into a pendant.  Please note that we do not recommend this if your coin is particularly rare or valuable – please seek advice from an expert on coins if you think you have something valuable.

Using these settings couldnt be simpler.  Just unscrew the bezel mount at the top using a small flat screwdriver, open the mount just enough to slip the coin in (not too far or you may distort the setting) and then tighten the screw again to secure the coin.

Currently we have these in sterling silver to suit the Australian three pence, six pence and shilling coins.   A whole range of other coins such as the $1 and $2 are available by special order.  Please enquire.

Remember to check back to our website frequently as we are getting in new products all the time.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire