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New Listings on Ebay

Just announcing that we have just put online a number of new listings for sapphire rough and other itesms – these are available now at the Aussie Sapphire Ebay Store. Demand for quality sapphire rough has been excellent with a number of repeat buyers and lots of new bidders – we certainly appreciate your support and will be continuing to list more great stones very soon.

Production in recent weeks has been of excellent quality although quantity is a little down due to other work committments (we are in the middle of planting summer crops at the moment so the mine has not been operating full time). However, there will be some fantastic new rough coming soon. In the meantime, check out our current listings.

One interesting item is a very large corundum specimen weighing 195 carats. This stone is totally opaque and so cannot be regarded as gem quality but it has an excellent even blue colour throughout making it quite an attractive piece. Currently being auctioned and still at a bargain price – take a look at Item 5054335295 for more information.

The other interesting item are some sapphire cabochons we have just got back from the cutter. These are very nice and definitely something different. We have just picked out a few to start with in contrasting colours for your interest. One spectacular example of a parti sapphire showing striking zoning through the stone has been listed in the Cut Sapphire section of our store. It is always difficult to get good photos of cut gemstones and this one is no exception. However, the blue and yellow stripes across the body of the stone create a wonderful effect that must be seen to be truly appreciated – see Item 5056607826 for more information.

Regular visitors to our Ebay Store will have noticed a couple of new info boxes at the top of each category page. With the vast quantity of cut and rough gems being traded on Ebay (and elsewhere), it becomes difficult for the buyer to really know what they are buying. The only way to be really sure is to buy direct from the source – gems from our mine are always sold with a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure of getting the "real deal". While we do not intend to question the honesty of other traders, it is becoming an increasingly difficult task to buy quality gems at reasonable cost and certainly very difficult as a miner to compete with the flood of inferior and/or synthetic gems at giveaway prices. We touched on this in our last post "Ethical Purchasing of Gems" and will explore this issue further in a future article on this blog.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

NB: we welcome feedback on our blog and suggestions for future articles so please feel free to contribute. Thank you to all our customers who help to make Aussie Sapphire a success.