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Rock Tumbling Starter Kits

Rock Tumblers are one of our most popular products at Aussie Sapphire and we’ve been thinking of ways to improve our service to customers even more.

For beginners to rock tumbling, our Starter Kits are a great way to get the most suitable grits/polish so you can get up and running quickly.

Previously we packaged these in plastic bags but these can be fiddly and messy to handle when you are spooning out of the bag.  Therefore, we are now moving to plastic screw-top jars for easy and convenient storage – with lids in our distinctive Aussie Sapphire blue and informative labels on each jar so you know exactly what to do.

So far only Kit A has new photos but we’ll be doing new ones as we transfer over.

Aussie Sapphire Rock Tumbling Starter Kits

What about value for money?

Even better than before with a bonus 250 gram pack of plastic pellets now included.  If you are using a 3 pound barrel rotary tumbler such as the Lortone 3A or 33B, our starter kits should do about 3 to 4 batches of rock.  Remember, the Lortone 4-step kit includes less silicon carbide grit, does not include plastic pellets and uses aluminium oxide (grit size unknown) as the pre-polish and polish steps.  We believe that cerium oxide is a better choice for the kind of rocks most people start out with.  Lortone tumblers are fantastic but we reckon we can do a better deal on Grit and Polish.

Stay tuned for news on tumbling rock – heaps of people have asked us whether we can supply rocks to go with their brand new tumbler.  Up till now, we have not been able to help but we think we have finally cracked this one.  We’ll announce the details here when we get these listed online.

Bye for now from Aussie Sapphire