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New Products

It has been quite busy with lots of new and interesting products arriving.

Talked about our new industrial/commercial tumblers in the last post but we have some new smaller items that may be of interest:

Plus we have more stock on the way…

Look out for new bandsaws and glass grinders for those looking for something a bit stronger than the Inland Lapidary machines.  We also have new stock of diamond wheels on the way including polishing flex wheels – #8k, #14k and #50k.

We have a new book order in transit from the USA – hopefully should be here any day – some old favourites which had been out of stock plus a few new ones.

And probably lots of other stuff I have forgotten about until it turns up.  So keep checking the website because there is sure to be something new there for you.

We are working on the new catalogue – it is a big job so we expect it will take a couple of months but will announce it here when available.  Remember though, the website always has up to date prices and stock levels – if you have any queries at all, we’re just a phone call or email away.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire