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Industrial / Commercial Tumblers

Our range of tumblers has just expanded with 2 new commercial models now in stock.

If you need a rotary tumbler with more capacity than the standard offerings, check out these options from Lortone:

The Lortone C300-12 features three 12-pound barrels driven by a strong 1/3hp Baldor motor.

This one is excellent if you need a tumbler that will handle more than one stage of processing simultaneously.  Ideal for mass finishing, metal deburring and polishing or just large volume rock tumbling.  The 3 barrels means triple capacity compared to our QT12 tumbler.

If you are looking for maximum strength and capacity, the Lortone C40 tumbler may be the one for you:

A massive 40 pound capacity – the hexagonal steel barrel features a removable rubber liner, handle and easy to remove lid.  A great tumbler for single process metal polishing (perfect for reloaders polishing brass cartridges in bulk) or other mass finishing applications.

Remember, we can set you up with the appropriate plastic or ceramic media as well as other media and consumables (eg. walnut shell for brass).

If you have any queries about these or our other tumbler options, please contact us any time at www.aussiesapphire.com.au

Lots more new products on the way – stay tuned…