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Minor Website Revisions

Just announcing a few very minor updates to our website. As previously announced in a recent blog post, we have published our full jewellery catalogue online. Therefore, we have revised the Jewellery section within our online shop pages so they directly link to the new catalogue instead. Please contact us if you have any questions about the new system for ordering jewellery – the catalogue lists our retail prices which are already very low but internet customers can take an additional 10% off the listed price. Trade customers should contact us for wholesale pricing. We intend to put selected items from the catalogue on our Ebay Store from time to time so keep an eye out there for some great special offers.

We have added a couple of new pictures to the Photo Gallery – one of a very spectacular 85 carat dog tooth crystal found on the Wellingrove Creek some 30 years ago – it was recently dug out of the back of the safe by a mining colleague and soon found a new home with a very keen collector. Small version of the photo is at left – follow the photo gallery link to access the large version.

Much of our rough is being offered at our Ebay Store and we intend to revise the catalogues on our main website to cater for the specialist collector type stone with more photos and detailed descriptions on these more valuable items. This job will be done as time permits so in the meantime, please bear with us during this transition period while we reorganise things. We have had good enquiry for these more unusual items and we enjoy unearthing these treasures.

That is all for now – if you have any suggestions for topics of future articles, just let us know and we will do our best to oblige.
cheers from Aussie Sapphire