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Mine Run parcels

Just a quick announcement for those interested in larger parcels of sapphire. We have just listed 3 parcels of mine run graded sapphire on our website. We are busy grading up our main parcels for buyers in Thailand and China over the next month or so – when these parcels are completed, the online parcels will also be offered for export. Therefore, buyers only have a short time to consider these larger parcels before they go off-shore.

Three parcels are currently on offer (EDITED 29/8/05):
NOW SOLD – Mine Run Parcel 1 – 500 carats of mixed size (1.75 – 30 carats) for total price of $3000 AU – New England sapphire of good blue, blue-green and parti colour.
NOW SOLD – Mine Run Parcel 2 – 2480 carats of small size and darker colour (1 – 6 carats) for total price of $2100 AU (discounted price due to size range) – Queensland sapphire.
Mine Run Parcel 3 – 3000 carats of mixed size (4 – 50 carats) for total price of $9000 AU. Excellent Queensland parti colour sapphire from the Subera mine.

Please contact us if you would like any further information on these parcels or any other item in our catalogues.

Remember we have a comprehensive catalogue of small cut sapphire in a range of shapes and sizes. Please see our “More Sapphire” pages to buy these.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire