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Aussie Sapphire announcement

Just a general news announcement from Aussie Sapphire as we have not had much time lately to update the news page on our main website.

a) We have had great sales of cut sapphires in recent weeks (both online and direct) so have restocked the cut sapphire catalogue and put some great discount prices on the whole cut sapphire section. Be quick because with fuel prices reaching new records, our overall prices will have to rise but for now ENJOY the bargains.
Here is a quick pic of one of the new items – a 2.11 carat oval with great colour :

b) We have entered the jewellery design area with very pleasing results. Sales at our new retail outlet, Schmidts Jewellers in Glen Innes tell us we are on the right track. We have a good range of sterling silver, 9k and 18k hand made gold jewellery using mostly our own gems and designs.

Sorry we just haven’t had time to list much at all online yet but please enquire if you’re after a truly special piece that will last for generations at genuine bargain prices.

c) New stock of our smaller cut stone has just been finished (under 5mm). This is terrific quality at bargain prices and a great way to see the true Reddestone Blue sapphire which has a unique rich colour. This is the same type of sapphire which has being described by one of our customers (Michael E) very eloquently as “like lightning against a summer evening sky” – see our last blog post for more on this.

Get these small stones for well under $100 AU and we have listed much of this stock on our new additional catalogue so check it out. A great way to start creating those earings, pendants and rings – or even a piece of body jewellery! Be creative and we can assist you to bring your ideas to life. Alternatively, we may have just the perfect piece in stock already so just ask and we will do our best to help.

Just one last small announcement: while using our online shopping cart is a convenient and secure method of payment, we realise that some customers prefer not to use their credit card online. For these customers, in addition to the direct deposit option, we can now offer offline credit card payments for Australian customers and Express telegraphic transfers for overseas customers. If you would prefer to use any of these alternative payment options, just contact us to discuss the best method.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire.