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Emmaville Gemfest

Emmaville Gemfest is coming up very soon so make sure you keep this weekend free for a really friendly and fun gem show up in the heart of the New England gemfields.

GEMFEST – 6th, 7th & 8th September

For more information, please contact the Emmaville Mining Museum 6734 7025, Ron Jillett on 6734 7210 or Kay Schroder on 6734 7281.

There will be field trips for Molybdenite, Topaz, Quartz, Silver, Tourmaline & Copper – all leave from the Caravan Park in the morning.  Camping is available at the Caravan Park – for bookings, contact Debbie Lowe on 0429 333 122.

We wont be trading there all weekend as Andrew will be heading overseas a few days later but we hope to visit on Saturday and might load a few items in the back of the ute.  We’ll see how we go for time.  However, we have always really enjoyed going to this one and higly recommend it to everyone.

cheers from Andrew and Leah (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)