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A good few weeks!

Despite the challenging economic times, we have actually had a few really good weeks in sales with excellent interest in machinery in particular.

Within the last 3 weeks, have sold two brand new Gemmasta faceting machines and two Indian double-plate machines.  We have a replacement Gemmasta arriving in the next few days and a new Facetron in stock as well as one second hand GF4 Gemmasta.  Remember, we aim to keep machines in stock ready for immediate delivery as we dont like waiting lists either. 

Long waiting times for faceting machine delivery seems to be common in the industry but you wont have this problem with Gemmasta or Facetron.  Think of it this way:  if you have to wait 6 weeks or more just to get the machine, what will happen if you need repairs, spare parts or factory support.  We prefer to deal with companies who take customer support seriously.

We have new stock of tumblers now – Lortone (3A and 33B) and Raytech (Tumble-Vibe 5) with some new mini-sonics arriving soon.  We have some new trim saws in stock and some new products being worked on right now.  Response from the website has been fantastic and is getting better and better so our ultimate aim is to become the one-stop online shop for lapidary equipment and supplies.

One exciting new product line to be added to the website soon is a selection of books on gems and faceting – these are expected to arrive any day now and will be listed as soon as possible.  Check here for an announcement on this.  We hope this will be well-supported by our customers as we have had a number of enquiries for these.

Mining is becoming ever more challenging with the high cost of fuel just about making it impossible to break even on the job – not really sure what the future holds here but we’ll hang in there as long as we can.  Andrew will be overseas for the next couple of weeks checking on market conditions – selling some sapphire and hopefully buying some interesting new things for the website so make sure you take a look when he gets back.  If you have any special request, email us now so he can keep an eye out.

Cheers for now from Andrew and Leah Lane (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)