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Website Maintenance

Just letting people know we are doing some website maintenance.  This is necessary because our host is upgrading to php5 – this has required us to upgrade our version of zencart (the underlying software running the online shop). 

The new version of the website is being loaded now with just very minor interruptions while we transfer over and update all database details.  For the next 4 to 5 days, we will be testing and checking that everything is working normally.

While we are making every effort to make the upgrade as painless as possible, if we have missed anything at all, please contact us immediately so we can sort it out.  We can be contacted by phone on 02 6732 1267 (+61 2 6732 1267 for international callers) or by email on info@aussiesapphire.com.au

We apologise for this inconvenience – the php5 upgrade by the host is compulsory and so we have no choice but to move along with it and try to make sure our system works well with the new software.

As our host noted when informing us of the upgrade tomorrow night:  “These upgrades are necessary as both PHP 4 and MySQL 4 have reached EOL status — in other words, they are at the end of their software lifecycle, and their creators will no longer be releasing updates/actively maintaining those projects.  To ensure adequate performance and security, it is thus very important for us to do these upgrades.”

Cheers for now – we hope to be back online as soon as possible.
Andrew and Leah Lane (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)