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Well-travelled sapphire

A while back, we received an order to provide a sapphire for an engagement ring – this is one of our favourite jobs and we are always pleased to try and find something suitable for the project.  Hans Meevis, the goldsmith is an extremely talented guy and the result is fantastic as you can see below:


He has written about the project on his blog: Lil’Ol’Sis’ Engagement Ring.  His stuff is amazing and readers are encouraged to see more of his work at his main website www.meevis.com – his work with unusual metals such as purple gold and titanium is particularly interesting.

So this well travelled sapphire has gone from our mine in northern NSW, over to Perth, sent on to St Maarten (Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean) and is just about to be sent back to Australia to the “husband to be”.  Congratulations to the happy couple on your engagement and thank you for choosing an Aussie Sapphire (thanks also to Hans for doing such a great job with it).

Cheers from Andrew and Leah (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)