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New Lapidary & Faceting Equipment

In resopnse to demand, we have sourced more new lapidary equipment.  The latest order from the USA is in Sydney now and expected to reach us in Glen Innes later in the week.  This order includes a range of rock tumblers from Lortone (rotary tumblers), Diamond Pacific (mini-sonic tumblers) and Raytech (vibratory tumbler). 

Lortone 3A rock tumbler - buy now from Aussie SapphireMini-Sonic rock tumbler - buy now from Aussie Sapphire

These  tumblers will range in price from the very affordable Lortone 3A at just $215 up to the state-of-the art Mini-Sonic MT-4SV from Diamond Pacific for $595.  If you would like to place your order now, simply order through the checkout or we are happy to hold machines for a 50% deposit.  We expect to be able to despatch pre-ordered machines from 18th January.

Polishing grit will also be available online very soon – just bagging it up now so check back soon so you can get started on those rocks collected while fossicking.  The other item we have been asked about are trim saws.  Consequently, we have ordered in the Rock Rascal Model J Trim Saw – this is a 6″ trim saw but you will need to add a suitable electric motor to power this unit.  Still extremely affordable for around $360 but still working out freight costs so check for this one later in the week.

Brand new Facetron from Aussie Sapphire

Second hand Hall Faceting Machine from Aussie Sapphire

Finally, we seem to have a surplus of faceting machines in stock at the moment.  With brand new Gemmasta GF4 and Facetrons in stock right now for immediate delivery plus two great second hand machines for those on a budget (Gemmasta GF4 and a Hall Mark III).  We also hope to get our replacement Platform faceting machine in this week so this is another good budget alternative. 

Gemmasta from Aussie SapphireIf you already have a faceting machine, dont forget to check this category for accessories such as preformers and the like.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah (Aussie Sapphire)