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Merry Christmas

xmas1.gifAussie Sapphire would like to wish all our friends, customers and family a very merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year for 2008. 

We are looking forward to a couple of days off to enjoy Christmas celebrations with family although farming jobs wont wait too long.  We wont be posting parcels until the posties get back on the job next week but will be busy planting and harvesting crops in the meantime.  We are on the job though so feel free to place your order and we will prepare your parcel for the first available post.

Mining will start back up again in a couple of weeks and we hope to have some nice new rough for your consideration.  There are some great new products and specials online now and we expect to get a couple of second hand faceting machines listed in a couple of weeks.  Taking up a new hobby would be a good New Year’s Resolution and we suggest gem faceting would be a great choice. 

xmas2.gifCheers for now from Andrew and Leah – make sure you stay safe during the Holiday Season (drive safely if you are travelling and enjoy your break).