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New Tourmaline Facet Rough

Just unpacked a new batch of tourmaline facet rough newly arrived from our supplier in Nigeria.  There are some great colours in this lot and it appears very clean.  We havent started grading this – the photo is a very quick snap on the bench just to whet your appetite.  Note a small amount of aquamarine up in top right corner also – this is cleaner than previous lots and should provide some good cutting.



Click on the image to see a larger photograph – we hope to grade and list this material over the next couple of weeks.  No luck getting any work done this weekend due to the Celtic Festival but we’ll get on to it as soon as possible. 

For those interested in a larger purchase, twist our arm and let’s see what kind of deal we can do.  To read more about tourmaline, a truly fascinating gemstone, see here for our previous Tourmaline Gem of the Month article.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah Lane (Aussie Sapphire)




  1. Ping from Aussie Sapphire:

    OK – finally got a chance to list some of this new tourmaline. See our Parcel category for some 50 and 100 carat parcels or if you are in the market for larger quantities, just email to discuss.

  2. Ping from David Creviston:

    Hello, Beautiful picture of tourmaline. I am interested in ordering a piece of bi-color similar to the BC’s in the lower right of the picture. Could you quote me a price. Does not need to be very large as I am only wanting this as a crystal specimen for my collection. Must be very clean. Thanks David