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Natural Zircon

The Aussie Sapphire mine produces excellent quality zircon in addition to our beautiful blue sapphires.  Zircon is a natural gemstone which although has been used as a gemstone since ancient times, is somewhat under-appreciated by many.  After gathering together a good parcel of rough, we have just finished cutting this batch and the results are fantastic.


We are in the process of grading and listing these gems online at the moment.  The photo above was taken before any quality or colour grading and is included to give an indication of the range of colours available.

Base retail pricing for these gems is $40 AU per carat for small gems up to $60 AU per carat where gems are larger than 1 carat in size.  This is for well cut, eye-clean gems of good brightness and colour (ranging from white, champagne, yellow, orange to red).  Please check our Zircon Catalogue now for these listings or feel free to contact us by email.

Wholesale and volume discounts apply so please enquire directly for more information on this.  Please note that particularly fine gems of exceptional quality are listed individually and priced at a higher level to reflect the rarity of these types.

Zircon should not be confused with the man-made stone cubic zirconia.  Zircon is a natural gemstone mined from the earth.  The colours shown above are natural with the stones simply cut and polished without any enhancement treatments.  Zircon will be covered in a future “Gem of the Month” article but in the meantime, you may like to review the Gemology Project entry on Zircon.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah Lane (Aussie Sapphire)