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Emmaville Sheep Races

Took the afternoon off today to attend the Emmaville Sheep Races – something a bit different to our usual hours in the office grading gems.  This annual event is one of the main fundraisers for the Emmaville Mining Museum so we like to support their efforts.

pub.jpgThis day is an absolutely classic event for those who want to experience a bit of real Australian country life.  The day kicked off with a BBQ breakfast and the action continued all day. 

Mind you, since the venue was just outside the local pub, a steady crowd was ensured.

yabbies2.jpgmuseum.jpgWhile the highlight of the day is the sheep race, the yabby race (see left) must come a close second in popularity.  Local school children entertained the crowd with a choir performance outside the museum (photo at right) watched on by friends and family.

The yard dog trials were keenly contested and had a large number of onlookers.  This is a different type of trial to the usual sheep dog trials with 3 sheep in a large field. Yard dog trials are designed to more closely resemble the kind of work done by sheep dogs every day – the course is extremely challenging and it takes a good dog to control the sheep and complete the course quickly.

dogtrial.jpgPictured is Kay Schroeder with her dog Sally pushing the sheep through the course.  With many of the audience very familiar with the frustrations of working sheep, most spectators could appreciate just how good these dogs were at their job. 

Well done to all dogs and their handlers.

Funds raised went to support the operation of the Mining Museum – a great spot to browse the mining history of Emmaville with some fantastic gem and mineral collections on display.  Highly recommended for anyone visiting Emmaville (open Friday to Tuesday).

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire
(back to the grading bench tomorrow)