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Film Crew Visit

Since branching out in the online business, we have found ourselves doing lots of things that we hadnt dreamed of when we were full-time miners and farmers.  We can now add “being filmed for a TV documentary” to the top of this list.  While it was a bit nerve-wracking, it was certainly an interesting experience.

Over the past week, a film crew has been in the Glen Innes/Inverell district filming for a documentary about our local gems.  The program is being developed by GEMseeK as part of a documentary styled television series which focuses predominantly on gem stones and the people that seek them around the globe.

Filming has been underway over the past week with a professional crew overseen by Cliff Guy (CGP MEDIA www.cliffguy.com.au) of “Escape with ET” fishing and adventure fame.  These guys obviously knew what they were doing and I am sure the finished product will be great.


divin1.jpgHere is Andrew demonstrating the art of divining for sapphire.  The next shot is Phil, our excavator driver chatting to the presenter Alan Broadhurst about how to dig the sapphire wash.

pat.JPGandrew1.jpgThe crew covered the whole mining process from the hole in the ground to finished product of a faceted gem and fine jewellery.  As you can see from these photos, Patrick managed to worm his way into a few shots – we’ll see if he makes it into the final version.

The week of filming has produced many hours of footage which will be put together into a TV program over the next few months.  We were told that there is interest in showing the program on TV in the USA so to all of our American customers, keep an eye out for this from the middle of the year.  Subsequently, it is planned to produce a DVD which should be available for direct purchase.  Hope everyone enjoys it !!

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


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  1. Ping from Aussie Sapphire:

    GemseeK have just released the new version of their website – check it out at http://www.gemseek.com.au and keep an eye out for the DVD which hopefully will be finished very soon.