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Black Spinel: Dark Star

Just came across this article in Modern Jeweler on Black Spinel:

Black Spinel: Dark Star

The article points out the benefits of using black spinel as a superior alternative to onyx or diamond and highlights some jewellers/dealers who have already discovered this fantastic gem.

“Braunwart (Columbia Gem House) is convinced many jewelers will resist the temptation to be onyx-wise and spinel-foolish. “The large difference in quality should outweigh the small difference in price,” he says”.

Here at Aussie Sapphire, we have been trying to tell the story of Black Spinel for some time.  So far, the feedback is very encouraging and we hope to see even more demand for this wonderful gemstone in the future.

Aussie Sapphire can supply black spinel at very competitive prices:  Retail price =  $6.50 AU/carat for faceted stones < 1 ct in size and only $4.90 AU/carat for faceted stones > 1 carat makes this a very affordable alternative.  Wholesale discounts are available to trade buyers.

Please browse our extensive range of black spinel calibrated gems – not everything is listed so please contact us any time to discuss your requirements.

 cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire