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New website of interest

Hello all,

we are back from our holiday refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunately we have returned to drought conditions, record high fuel prices, record low sapphire prices and a broken down excavator which will cost about $20,000 for a new pump, luckily we have a spare machine so are still working. Water supply is a becoming a major problem for some of the other smaller operators in Australia with some closed already waiting for good rain.

A new website that may be of interest is www.austgem.com.au – a website set up by Wilson Gems & Investments, the largest sapphire miner in NSW operating on the nearby Kings Plains resource in the New England, NSW. Jack and Dallas Wilson have worked for many years in the sapphire industry and we recommend that you take a look at their new website.
This photo shows their mining plant – a very impressive setup compared to our own smaller plant. Anybody needing large quantities of good quality, natural sapphire should contact the Wilsons (wholesale trade customers only). Their honesty and good service is well known.

We have sold a large amount of rough sapphire out of our catalogue but plan to list some more items out of existing stock as soon as we can. Please check back to see when new items are listed.

cheers from Aussie Sapphire