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Got Gems – What Next?

There are lots of people who have gems of various types sitting in a plastic bag at the bottom of a drawer.  They looked great in the shop window or at the gem show but when you get them home, you have the problem of what to do with them.  Not to worry, we can offer some useful suggestions.

You may have one or two special gems or a whole collection.  It is important to store them properly.  There are two types of gem boxes available in our Online Shop – affordable plastic gem boxes and black covered glass window boxes – both types have white inserts.Â

These are a great way to store your gems – make sure to write the important details of the gemstone on the box.  We recommend identifying each gem with a id number and record all relevant details in a log book and/or computer spreadsheet or database.

However, the best way to really appreciate your gems is to wear them.  Make a piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one – it is much easier than you might think.  If you have a very important or expensive stone, we recommend you have a custom made piece created for you by a manufacturing jeweller (we can make some suggestions here).  A more affordable option is to use an “off-the-shelf” blank setting.  These are a great way to use those inexpensive gems or as a temporary setting for more expensive gems while you decide on a custom-made design.

Aussie Sapphire can supply a range of blank settings for pendants, earrings and rings – these are stocked in sterling silver in a range of shapes, sizes and designs.  Most silver designs are also available in 14 carat white or yellow gold (as a special order) so if you see a design you like, just contact us for a quote.

These are very easy to set using just a minimum of tools – please see our gem setting page for some handy instructions.

Dont let your gems gather dust or lie forgotten in a drawer somewhere – get them out on display so you can really enjoy them.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire