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Ebay Store Decision

Some may have read our previous post regarding the new Ebay fees being imposed on Store owners as from tomorrow.  We said in that post that we would be deciding the future of our Ebay Store before this date.  It has been difficult as the new fee structure make it very difficult to keep operating as we have been doing but we did not want to let our Ebay customers down.

Therefore, we have decided to keep our Ebay Store open. 

We will have a look at how things go over the next month and see if we can make it work.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to reduce the number of items stocked so there will less variety in size and shape for sapphire, black spinel, blank jewellery settings, and other items.  The good news is that we are increasing the stock levels on our main website so please check both sites when looking for something specific.  If some of your “watched items” have disappeared, we suggest you have a look at our main website.

We have also been forced to raise prices on Ebay to account for the increased fees – the doubling of final value fees or commission paid to Ebay was the real killer here.  We apologise for this but had no choice.  Again, the good news is that in most cases, you can benefit from cheaper prices on our main website where we can pass our savings back to you.

There will be some transition over the next month or so while we settle on the right balance of inventory between both sites so bear with us while we work it out.  Rest assured, that we are committed to providing great products at fantastic prices at all times.  We encourage you to buy at either or both of our online shops – we suggest that better value might be found at our main website but both options have some great advantages.

Thank you from Aussie Sapphire