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Things have been very busy lately so havent had much time to update the blog. The GAA tour mentioned in the last post went very well – a full bus load of gemmologists visited the Kings Plains mine where Jack Wilson (Austgem) and Andrew (Aussie Sapphire) were able to take them through the mining process and discuss some of the issues facing the Australia sapphire industry at present. Once again, we were struck by the fact that a number of people in the industry are not aware that Australia can (and does) produce good quality sapphire at competitive prices.

We are currently working a particularly good patch of ground which has been very pleasing. We have been loading quite a few new items on the Ebay Store but they dont seem to be lasting very well with keen buyers snapping them up quickly. We are not complaining about this but it seems that everytime we think we have gained some breathing space by listing new stock, lots of the new items are grabbed. We suggest that you keep a close eye on the Store so you dont miss any good opportunities.

The word around the traps is that good quality rough, particularly from Africa, is becoming very dificult to source. We will be listing more of our existing stock soon and are working on securing a new parcel of tourmaline. We will let you know as this happens.

We do have some sapphire rough auctions running so keep an eye on those.

Some of our customers may know that we have been working on a new website – this will bring the online shop function back direct to our website. We started out with an online shop but were not really happy with how it was working – we have been looking for a suitable alternative for a while now and it is very close to launch. For those interested in things technical, we will be running an online shop based on the Zencart ecommerce solution – this will provide all the features and functions you expect from a modern online shop and we are very excited about this new development. Stay tuned for more on this as we are getting very close to going “live”.

Please note that we will not be abandoning the Ebay Store because we have gained lots of really great new customers this way – however, the new online shop will have some features that I think all of our buyers will appreciate.

While we have been working on the website, we have taken the opportunity to rewrite and reorganise some of the information pages on the website including duplicating some of the more important blog posts so that they are available to readers in a more permanent and accessible manner. When the new site is launched, we will be very interested in any feedback that you might like to provide (good or bad) as our aim is to provide a useful and interesting resource for our customers. If you can help us do that job better, we will be very appreciative.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire