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Polishing Laps – even more choice!

Posted May 26, 2011 By Admin

For so long in Australia, polishing gemstones has followed a strict recipe of pre-polish on copper and final polish on type metal.  Nothing wrong with that approach but new developments now offers us lots more choice and often far superior results.

Aussie Sapphire is proud to be the official Gearloose agent in Australia with the faceting community now being spoiled for choice when it comes to polishing laps.  And with the high Australian dollar, these laps can now be offered at even cheaper prices – we have just repriced all the Gearloose range of laps with prices going down on ALL laps except tin.

Although the price of tin has skyrocketed in recent times, the BATT lap is still great value and offers fantastic results – if you are used to using a type metal, try the BATT with its harder tin (lead-free) alloy for flatter facets.  For competition cutters, the BA5T is worth considering – this tin alloy also contains an amount of silver so pricing remains under pressure but for those who want the best, this lap fits the bill.

BATTWing Laps (BATT/Darkside) by Gearloose - available from Aussie Sapphire

The Darkside is one of our most popular sellers and with its flexibility and ease of use, it is no wonder.  The Darkside is purely a polishing lap and is a breeze to use.  Also available in dual format with a BATT or Zinc outer ring for pre-polishing, the BATTWing or Xinquing dual laps save time and reduce error.  Ideal for anyone wanting to improve their faceting efficiency.

Xinquing dual polishing laps (Zinc/Darkside) by Gearloose - available from Aussie Sapphire

The Zinc laps are brand new – only a couple of months old and already making a real splash in the US.  Developed in response to high tin prices, these are proving surprisingly effective as a pre-polish lap – particularly for harder stones.  With all those sapphire cutters out there, this one is sure to be a real winner.

The Zinc laps are quite aggressive and seem to work better with #8000 diamond as pre-polish rather than the usual #3,000 – however, the prepolish is excellent ensuring you get a fantastic polish in no time at all.  These are a steal at the moment at just $88 for the 6″ solid lap or $99 for the 8″ solid lap – also available as a dual lap with Darkside inner section ($135 and $195 for 6″ and 8″ respectively).


Greenway (integral Chrome Oxide) Laps by Gearloose - available from Aussie Sapphire

Finally, we’ve got the the Greenway laps – these are a more specialised lap –  just add water as the polish is already built in.  As a Chrome Oxide lap, this one suits some gems better than others – if you routinely cut a lot of beryl, tourmaline, quartz, garnet or similar gems, then this lap might be of interest to you.


If you want to do a bit more reading on any of these laps, please feel free to browse our forum at ALF or read the user guides available online at Aussie Sapphire.

cheers for now from the Aussie Sapphire team.