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Minerama on soon + other news

Posted February 17, 2010 By Admin

Seems like we’re getting busier and busier but am scrounging a few minutes to dash off a quick update for Aussie Sapphire:

A)  The big event of the year for us is Minerama – our annual gem show at Glen Innes.  Always a good one and this year will be no exception.  Check out the Minerama website or chat about it on ALF where you can arrange to catch up with fellow ALF’ers or ask for advice if you intend travelling this way.

B)  Of course on the world stage, the biggest gem show of them all is Tucson.  Not everyone can make the trip to Tucson so check out this blog for a virtual taste of this event:  http://tucsongemshow.blogspot.com/

C)  We’ve just done a big re-organisation of the website with categories and products moving around quite a bit in an attempt to make it all a bit more logical and easy to navigate.  Still a bit of minor tweaking to go but we’re hoping this will make the site a lot easier to use.

D)  Got some great new products online – we encourage you to take a good look through everything.  For jewellers and silver/goldsmiths, we’ve got a new category specially for cleaning and polishing which has everything you need in this area from Ultrasonic Cleaners, Tumblers, Polishing Cloths and Jewellery Dips as well as our usual range of buffing supplies (including Dialux in White, Red, Blue and Green).

E)  Our range of loupes has increased even more with one to suit every possible job.  We’ve just had lanyards made for us so all hand loupes now come with an Aussie Sapphire lanyard to make them even more convenient.  Of course, our lanyards are suitable for lots of other jobs so you can also buy them separately.  Lanyards are 2cm wide for comfortable wear and feature a swivel lever metal clip for attaching to a range of items.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire
and remember, if you want to stay in touch with what is happening in the Aussie Lapidary world, just  ask ALF – the friendliest forum around for anyone interested in rocks and gems.