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New 1800 phone number

Posted July 15, 2008 By Admin

Announcing a brand new phone number for Aussie Sapphire:

FREE CALL 1800 50 21 40

Customer service is our highest priority at Aussie Sapphire and so we now have a 1800 phone number so you can call us free – no charge !!  We understand that with rising petrol prices and costs of living, finances are a bit tighter these days – we’re doing our best to help out with this FREE call service.

Our original office phone number remains the same at (02) 6732 1267 and mobile 0427 336742.  Please leave a message on the answering machine if you dont get us straight away – we’ll call you back as soon as we can.  Of course, email is also a great way to catch us – info@aussiesapphire.com.au

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)

e-Catalogue and closing the Ebay Store

Posted July 11, 2008 By AussieSapphire

When we first started out selling on the internet, we did quite a bit of selling on Ebay while we built up some brand recognition for Aussie Sapphire.  While it is a minefield buying gems on Ebay, we soon found that in terms of rough sapphire, buyers were starved for quality and we were very proud of our feedback.

However, since the last major website upgrade and continuous tweaking to improve the site, we find that Ebay just doesnt fit with our current strategy.  Our website is performing very well – far beyond our initial expectations and is ranking well on searches. 

Most importantly, we strongly disagree with how the company is being run these days with almost all recent changes severely affecting sellers, annoying buyers and doing nothing to fix the very real problems that Ebay is experiencing.  The continuing ACCC/PayPal only debacle being just one example of absolutely idiotic corporate management by Ebay.

Therefore, we have just closed our Ebay Store and will be running only occasional “Buy It Now” listings as promotions for our website.  If you are a regular customer, you wont need to worry about these as in almost every case, you’ll get a better deal buying direct from us.  It costs us money to list and sell on Ebay and we would much rather pass these savings on to our customers so make sure you browse our website for full inventory and better prices.

The e-catalogue is a brand new feature – we havent even added a link to this yet on the website (coming soon).  This allows you to load a separate page listing all the products/prices in a printable format – you can use the drop down box to select a category if you want to go straight to a specific category.  There is a choice of viewing products with or without a photo and short description.  This will be the basis of our upcoming catalogue but feel free to use the electronic version in the meantime as this will always be up to date.