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Be Patient…

Posted June 29, 2007 By AussieSapphire

Please note that our website is currently in maintenance mode while we transfer our domain registration to our new host.  Unfortunately, our old host proved to be seriously lacking in the customer service department so we have been forced to move our site.  Apparently we are a victim of our own success and the Aussie Sapphire website has become too busy for the host’s servers – the action they took to resolve this unfortunately broke the email system within the shop software.

This has required us to move our website to a new host.  Everything has now been transferred over and we are just waiting for the domain transfer to be finalised.  As soon as this occurs, we will be back to normal.

We apologise for this inconvenience.  It is likely that some customers may have emailed us with enquiries – unfortunately, we have not been able to receive your emails due to the previous host problems.  Please re-send your mail to aussiesapphire@gmail.com or call us on 0427 336742 so we can answer your queries promptly.

The website remains the same at www.aussiesapphire.com.au so as soon as you see the website come out of maintenance mode, you will know we are back in business.   There may be some movement of some pages which may include this blog but all will be announced at the website.

Thank you for your patience.  May I recommend our advisor at Portali and our new host Net Logistics who have have worked through this transition with excellent service and good cheer – you are making a difficult time a little easier to cope with.

cheers from Andrew and Leah Lane (Aussie Sapphire)

Website Glitch

Posted June 21, 2007 By AussieSapphire

The last 24 hours have been somewhat trying on the website front with a server upgrade by our hosting company causing some havoc on the back-end.  We have it all back to normal now but if anyone is experiencing any problems at all, please contact us or use our new live help feature so we can sort it out for you.

A big thank you to Shane from Portali who solved this problem for us – we really appreciate the help.  No thanks to Webcity who changed PHP version on us without any warning but just glad to be back at work.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)

SORRY – edited to add that we are still having minor email problems so your “Contact Us” may not be reaching us and “Order Confirmation” emails may not be be reaching you.  Please use aussiesapphire@gmail.com until we sort this problem out hopefully in the next day or so.  Orders are being received and processed normally – we are just having a problem sending emails from within the admininstration area of our website.

We apologise for this inconvenience.

Force of Nature – 2007 Floods

Posted June 11, 2007 By AussieSapphire

With family and friends living in Newcastle, we have been following recent events with interest – they have really copped a hammering with wild storms and flooding for the past few days.

It all started on Friday when a large coal freighter ship, the Pasha Bulker, ran aground at Newcastle in rough seas – luckily the ship remains in sound condition and experts think that salvage will be possible when conditions improve.  This has been quite an event for locals – as a friend remarked when they went down to the beach to see the ship along with half of the Hunter Valley. 

Pasha Bulker stranded - source ABC NewsThe ABC website has lots of coverage and great photos including this one with a wave breaking over the stranded ship.

The next drama was major flooding caused by intense rain over the wider area.  From water restrictions to flooding in just a few days seems a little hard to believe but this flood will rank right up there as one to remember in future years.

Again, the ABC news has covered the situation comprehensively with over 1000 images sent in by people who were right in the middle of the action – see here for the photo galleries.  At the height of the disaster, over 100,000 homes were without power and thousands of people requiring evacuation as the floodwaters move down the Hunter River toward Newcastle.  Tragically, 9 people have lost their lives and our thoughts go out to those families.

floods.jpgThis photo shows vehicles attempting to cross the Williams River into Raymond Terrace and was taken by Ian Goodson (source ABC Newcastle photo gallery).

Here’s hoping that the weather will improve and the clean-up can get underway as soon as possible.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire


Winter Snow

Posted June 10, 2007 By AussieSapphire

Here on the Northern Tablelands, we get cold winters but snow only rarely.  With global warming, perhaps snow will become less common but Mother Nature can still surprise us.  These photos were taken just south of Glen Innes at Glencoe on Saturday morning (just a week after the start of winter).

Snow at Glencoe, NSW June 2007

The weather has been wild all over the state with severe flooding near Newcastle and damaging rain and winds in many other areas.  Lots of incredible stories coming through with tragic loss of life and much damage to property.

snow-003.jpgsnow-001.jpgThankfully, we just had cold rain – the car thermometer read 3 degrees Celcius when I wound the window down for these shots so didnt take too much time over the job – it was COLD.

Back to normal today with cold mornings and sunny days but we will see what the next couple of months bring.  At least it looks like the drought is over.

cheers from Andrew and Leah Lane (Aussie Sapphire)