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Field Trips at Emmaville

Posted August 29, 2006 By AussieSapphire

If you have not already planned your trip to Emmaville for this weekend’s Gem Show, it is not too late to arrange it.  There are some great field trips planned for the weekend so here are a few details to whet your appetite:

  • Saturday Morning (9:00am, 2nd September) – trip to the silver mine to look for silver and galena.
  • Saturday Afternoon (1:00pm, 2nd September) – trip to the emerald mine
  • Sunday (all day, 3rd September) – trip to the flourite mine to look for fluorite and Jap twin crystals.  This is an all day trip so please take your morning tea, lunch and plenty of water.
  • Monday (4th September) – trip to look for topaz, copper and tourmaline.

Cost for these trips is $10 for the full day and $5 for half day – very reasonable cost for access to some great fossicking areas with expert local guides to assist you.  As mentioned in our previous post, there will be some traders set up at the Emmaville Caravan Park over the weekend so even if you dont manage to find much yourself, there will be plenty of opportunity to pick up some bargains.


Images courtesy of Mindat.org – Mineralogy Database
Left = Galena, Right = Flourite

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire – hope to see you at Emmaville on the weekend.

Online Forums

Posted August 25, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Quite some time ago, we posted a short article about some useful online forums that may be of interest to people interested in gems and jewellery.  Recently, the well-known author and gemmologist, Richard Wise, posted an article on his blog with a different take on this issue:

Rating the Gem/Jewelry Forums

Some very interesting information and opinions in this article about how and why these forums operate.  Ultimately, he comes up with the same answer as us, albeit far more eloquently: the most independant and interesting forum around these days is Gemology Online.  This is a fantastic forum for anyone interested in gems and it has a very welcoming and friendly attitude – we highly recommend this one.  Bookmark it now!

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

Going to AgQuip

Posted August 20, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Just a quick message to let you know that we will be attending AgQuip at Gunnedah this year as an exhibitor.  We have attended AgQuip as a visitor a number of times – as a farmer, this usually involved “kicking tyres” on tractors and checking out new agricultural products.  This year, Aussie Sapphire will be attending to show off some of our fine jewellery and gems.

AgQuip is said to be one of the largest agricultural field days in Australia with over 100,000 visitors passing through the gates over the 3 days.  With over 2500 companies and organisations exhibiting, there is absolutely something for everyone to see and you will struggle to fit it all in just one day.

We know we have a number of regular customers in NSW and Queensland so if you are planning on going to AgQuip, please call in to our stall and say Gday.  We will be located in the Nick Nack Gallery at site GH3/4.

Dont miss it – AgQuip at Gunneday August 22-24th, 2006

Please note that both of us will be away from our office from Wednesday morning (23/8/06) to late Thursday evening so we will not be able to attend to emails during that time.  We normally try to keep up with emails when we are away but will not have internet access those two days so please keep this in mind when trying to contact us.

We can be contacted by mobile phone on 0427 336742 (Andrew) or 0427 468826 (Leah) so please feel free to call if required.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

Ebay Store Decision

Posted August 20, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Some may have read our previous post regarding the new Ebay fees being imposed on Store owners as from tomorrow.  We said in that post that we would be deciding the future of our Ebay Store before this date.  It has been difficult as the new fee structure make it very difficult to keep operating as we have been doing but we did not want to let our Ebay customers down.

Therefore, we have decided to keep our Ebay Store open. 

We will have a look at how things go over the next month and see if we can make it work.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to reduce the number of items stocked so there will less variety in size and shape for sapphire, black spinel, blank jewellery settings, and other items.  The good news is that we are increasing the stock levels on our main website so please check both sites when looking for something specific.  If some of your “watched items” have disappeared, we suggest you have a look at our main website.

We have also been forced to raise prices on Ebay to account for the increased fees – the doubling of final value fees or commission paid to Ebay was the real killer here.  We apologise for this but had no choice.  Again, the good news is that in most cases, you can benefit from cheaper prices on our main website where we can pass our savings back to you.

There will be some transition over the next month or so while we settle on the right balance of inventory between both sites so bear with us while we work it out.  Rest assured, that we are committed to providing great products at fantastic prices at all times.  We encourage you to buy at either or both of our online shops – we suggest that better value might be found at our main website but both options have some great advantages.

Thank you from Aussie Sapphire

New Jewellery

Posted August 17, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Have just unpacked our latest treasure box of jewellery and beads from our manufacturer.  There are some spectacular pieces in this lot and we hope to get some photos up soon for everyone to see.  Included are some innovative designs using polished slabs of sapphire which I think will be of great interest. 

 Also some beautiful rings using sapphires specially picked for great colour.

We have just listed some new items on the Gold Jewellery section of our website so please take a look.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire