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Celtic Festival 2006

Posted April 30, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Have just returned from a very successful and enjoyable weekend at the Standing Stones of Glen Innes – the site of the annual Celtic Festival. This year's festival was better than ever despite a little rain on Sunday at lunchtime which put a bit of a dampener on some of the activities. We enjoyed chatting to many visitors to the town who were very interested to learn more about sapphire mining in the local area.

The Celtic Festival is a celebration of Celtic heritage and culture through song, dance and entertainment. The festival is held at the Australian Standing Stones, comprising 40 granite monoliths set in a circular array orientated to mark the summer and winter solstices. This setting is entirely appropriate to the many activities on offer this weekend – a number of pipe bands and other musical entertainment, dancing (Scottish and other forms) and re-enactments from relevant historical eras.

The soldiers in red are from the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment. The warriors in action in this photo are from the 9th Roman Legion – very entertaining to see how the gladiatorial battles of old might have looked. Toss in a few Medieval Knights in shining armour and the spectacle is complete.

The Festival also features traditional Strongman events, sheep dog trials and many interesting market stalls. If you havent been to the Celtic Festival yet, mark it in your calendar for next year. A great weekend for all.

Of course, bagpipes and kilts are in abundance and Glen Innes has a very fine pipe band seen here in full voice.Thank you to all those visitors who made our weekend a success. We made many sales of jewellery and it makes us very proud to see people from all over Australia wearing our unique and beautiful gems.

Remember, if you missed us at the Celtic Festival, check out our website or contact us anytime with your enquiry.

cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

New Listings

Posted April 25, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Just a quick post to let customers know that we have listed a few new auctions – starting as usual at 99 cents. Some quality blue-on-blue sapphire and some very nice parti sapphire here – any or all of them may go at bargain basement prices so get them on your watch list so you dont miss out. Check out our Ebay Store for details of the auctions and other great items on offer.

Will try and get some other good rough on soon.
Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

Back to work

Posted April 24, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we are back on deck. We really enjoyed our week off at the beach and got back today ready to get stuck into work again.

Had lovely weather all week while we were at Coffs Harbour and we all had a great time. Did quite a bit of relaxing and some shopping (including checking out the many jewellery shops). However, no visit to Coffs Harbour would be complete without a visit to the Big Banaa (see photo at left).

While we did check our email while we were away and tried to answer most enquiries, there is the possibility that some messages may have slipped past us (our email access was a little difficult with either excruciatingly slow mobile phone dialup or having to head down to the internet cafe). If you have not received a response from us, please send your message again and we will attend to us asap.

We have spent the afternoon preparing the next lot of mail to go on Wednesday morning – no mail tomorrow due to Anzac Day. We will also be listing some new items so look out for those on the Ebay Shop soon. We will also be attending the Celtic Festival at Glen Innes this weekend so for those of a Celtic bent, hope to see you there.

All online sales from the Ebay Store are now back to normal so feel free to purchase or ask any questions – your enquiries and orders will be attended to promptly as usual now that we are back on deck.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

Happy Easter

Posted April 11, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Aussie Sapphire would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter – if you are travelling over the break, have a safe and enjoyable trip.

As announced on our Ebay Store, we will be taking a short break ourselves to recharge the batteries and enjoy some quality time at the beach with the kids. As we now have quite a large number of items on offer via our Ebay Store, it is impractical for us to "take the shop with us" as we have done on previous holidays. Therefore, we will be closing the Store while we are away for the period 14th to 24th April 2006 so that customers do not purchase and then experience unexpected postage delays.

If you have transactions yet to be finalised, we recommend that you make payment this week so we can arrange postage before we leave on Friday.

However, as always, we will be checking email frequently while we are away so if you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact us. We may not answer emails with quite our usual speed but we will respond to your email as soon as we can.

We love our work but one of the facts of running an online shop is that you are open for business 24 hours a day – we find that we need an occasional break to rest and rejuvenate. This year, we are heading to Coffs Harbour and are looking forward very much to some sun and sand.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

Club Fossicking

Posted April 10, 2006 By AussieSapphire

Aussie Sapphire were very pleased to host the New England Lapidary and Fossicking Club last weekend for some sapphire fossicking on the Reddestone Creek.

About 30 Club members made the trip up from Armidale & Uralla to enjoy a pleasant Autumn morning at Glen Innes looking for sapphires. As always, some were luckier than others but most went away with a touch of colour.

The visitors were very interested to see the mine plant (not working for safety reasons) before getting stuck into the digging. The photo at left shows Andrew describing how the plant works to a group of visitors.

Unfortunately, for insurance reasons, we cannot allow visitors on to our property unless they are affiliated with a group which can cover the activity under their own insurance. The Minerama guided tours and occasional Club visit fall into this category and we are very pleased to be able to assist where we can.

Down to the business end of things now, you can see that serious fossickers come prepared to get dirty. The photo at left shows our 2 boys having a go themselves – and yes, they got very dirty and had loads of fun in the meantime.

For those interested in learning how to fossick for gemstones such as sapphire, see the Fossicking Page at our website. If you have an interest in gems and minerals, joining a club is an excellent way to meet with like-minded people and have the opportunity to go on field trips such as this. See the Australia Facetors Guild website for a list of clubs in your area.

That is all for now from Aussie Sapphire

Regular visitors to our Ebay Store will have noticed the announcement regarding our upcoming Easter Break. There will be a blog post dealing with this in the next day or so – we'll be away 14-24 April but will be checking emails while we are away so feel free to contact us during this time. Parcel delivery will be delayed until we return.