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Fossicking at Glen Innes

Posted July 31, 2005 By AussieSapphire

redd-foss.jpgFossicking is a popular pastime and in the district of Glen Innes, it can be a very rewarding one. Most fossickers would be searching for sapphires but there are many other gemstones found in the district.

For those interested in fossicking, more information can be found at the Visitor Information Centre. The Visitor Information Centre is a good place to start with bookings and maps.

The Fossicking Map is also available at Schmidts Jewellers in the main street along with friendly advice and a selection of local gemstones for sale in case you are not lucky enough to find your own.  For some research in advance, we suggest you check out our new Fossicking Information section on our website.

For those looking for a guided tour of a commercial mine and fossicking with a guaranteed find, the “Take a Wee Brek” tag-along tours are ideal – see their website for more information. Fossicking can also be done at their fossicking park in town for those who dont have time for the half day tour – great fun for all (see here for more info on this).

The Minerama website gives information on various fossicking sites and a useful interactive map. Take a look here for a list of interesting places to go fossicking in the Inverell and Glen Innes districts (courtesy of Paul Clacher).

Sapphires are found at the public fossicking reserve at Wellingrove – however, many people try their luck wherever a creek crosses the road. Popular spots include the causeway at the Wellingrove Creek just off the Gwydir Highway and under the Reddestone Creek Bridge on the Emmaville Road (12km from Glen Innes).

Good luck to all who try their luck fossicking around Glen Innes – just remember, there is an awful lot of dirt mixed in with those precious gemstones. You can always visit our online shop at Aussie Sapphire if you want to buy a genuine Reddestone Creek sapphire – the “real deal” without the digging !

cheers for now
Aussie Sapphire

We have been busy !!

Posted July 31, 2005 By AussieSapphire

We apologise for not updating the website or the blog for a month or so – we have been extremely busy helping to set up the retail outlet for our gems and Black Cat range of jewellery. Some may remember from our last news flash that we were hoping to be able to stock our products in our local jewellery shop. Schmidts Jewellers (264 Grey Street, Glen Innes) has recently been purchased by Ken and Sally Brien who have agreed to stock the full range of our cut gems and jewellery. We have been helping refurbish the shop and preparing our stock for display and sale – this job has kept us extremely busy for the last month but we think the results are very pleasing.

Photo above: Patrick checking out some of the new jewellery on offer at Schmidts Jewellers

As part of this process, we have been making more gold and silver jewellery using our blue sapphires and black spinel – we have some fantastic designs in progress so please check out Schmidts Jewellers next time you are visiting Glen Innes or keep checking our website as we attempt to catalogue more jewellery items for the online shop. Feedback so far has been great with many people expressing their surprise at the quality of our sapphires compared to the usual offering of low-grade dark sapphire usually found in retail jewellers.

Mine production has been very slow for the past month as we cope with wet and cold weather, work commitments elsewhere and the extremely high price of fuel at the moment. However, we plan to get back into full production in a week or so with some new additions to the rough catalogue soon after that. Remember that we offer a selection of Queensland parti sapphire online – news from Thailand recently indicates there is increasing demand for this type of sapphire and with production out of Queensland so low now, this is a good opportunity to secure some good parti sapphire at reasonable prices.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire

New Sapphire Rough Listed

Posted July 3, 2005 By AussieSapphire

To those who have been impatiently waiting for new sapphire rough to be listed, we have finally had a chance to put a few new pieces online. Mine production has been a bit challenging the last few weeks with wet and cold weather making it difficult to work. We are still managing to find some good sapphire, most of which is going directly to a backlog of orders. However, we have taken the opportunity to sort through our inventory and have picked out some nice new sapphires for your consideration. Please check out the Sapphire Rough catalogue at our website for these new items and remember to email us if you don’t see what you need so we can put you on our order list for new production.


Just returned last weekend from the Gold Coast Gem Show – only a single day but a very busy one. Sales of rough still outstrip that of cut stone but it has been pleasing to make some good sales of cut gemstones both at the show and afterwards. Some of our new Gold Jewellery just arrived the day before the show and the reaction to these pieces was great, more is coming and we hope to get some more online shortly. The jewellery trade is not easy with so many cheap imports of often inferior jewellery being imported and offered at giveaway prices. However, we want to give buyers the opportunity to purchase a special piece of handmade jewellery (no mass production from cast moulds or cheap plated metal) where the gem quality and origin is guaranteed. We have full control over the process from the mine to the finished piece and so can offer very affordable prices – there is no “middleman” making a profit at your expense. We mine it and design it so you can be assured of the very best quality from Aussie Sapphire.

We recently purchased a small number of gemstone testing machines designed to test diamonds and other imitations. We have a few surplus to requirement and will be auctioning these on eBay. This tester is a Diamond/Moissanite/CZ tester – unlike normal testers which can give a false positive reading when testing moissanite, this version can easily detect this new diamond simulant. An essential tool for anyone who buys/sells or is interested in diamonds. See this eBay auction if you are looking for a tool like this at a reasonable price.

Cheers for now from Aussie Sapphire