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Parti Sapphire from Qld now available

Posted April 24, 2005 By AussieSapphire

To all those cutters out there who love parti colour sapphire – we have just secured a great parcel for you to select from. While Reddestone Creek sapphires are renowned for their fantastic blue-on-blue quality, parti sapphire is rare to find on this resource. We have noted that whenever we offer parti sapphire, it is snapped up very quickly.

This sapphire has been produced from the Subera mine (just east of Sapphire on the Queensland gemfields) run by Great Northern Mining for some years – GTN is no longer operating this mine and have just sold the last of their stockpile of parti sapphire. As this sapphire has only been offered to trade customers in the past, we have bought this large parcel so we can offer it to our valued clients in smaller, usable lots.

This photo shows one of the Faceters Packs which is available in our online shop – see the Other Gems catalogue. Great range of yellow, green and parti colours.

More great rough expected to arrive next week and we are continuing to produce our own Reddestone blue sapphire, black spinel and zircon. Keep checking our online shop for more great bargains. Remember we only have a small portion of our inventory listed at any time so contact us if you have a specific requirement. Keep those emails coming or feel free to use the customer feedback area on this blog – we love to hear from our customers.

All the best from Aussie Sapphire

New website of interest

Posted April 19, 2005 By AussieSapphire

Hello all,

we are back from our holiday refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunately we have returned to drought conditions, record high fuel prices, record low sapphire prices and a broken down excavator which will cost about $20,000 for a new pump, luckily we have a spare machine so are still working. Water supply is a becoming a major problem for some of the other smaller operators in Australia with some closed already waiting for good rain.

A new website that may be of interest is www.austgem.com.au – a website set up by Wilson Gems & Investments, the largest sapphire miner in NSW operating on the nearby Kings Plains resource in the New England, NSW. Jack and Dallas Wilson have worked for many years in the sapphire industry and we recommend that you take a look at their new website.
This photo shows their mining plant – a very impressive setup compared to our own smaller plant. Anybody needing large quantities of good quality, natural sapphire should contact the Wilsons (wholesale trade customers only). Their honesty and good service is well known.

We have sold a large amount of rough sapphire out of our catalogue but plan to list some more items out of existing stock as soon as we can. Please check back to see when new items are listed.

cheers from Aussie Sapphire

Taking a short break…

Posted April 10, 2005 By AussieSapphire

To all of our customers and visitors,

Just letting you all know that we will be taking a much needed break over the next week. We will be checking our email through this time so please feel free to contact us this way if you would like to. However, we will not be able to despatch orders until we return on the 19th April.

We have been listing a bit more of our Black Cat Jewellery so please keep checking this page for these new items as well as listing new pieces of rough of all varieties. Our parcel of blue tourmaline should arrive from Nigeria any day now and we have also secured an extremely limited supply of the very valuable and rare Santa Maria type aquamarine. You will need to act quickly when this is listed – check back to see when this happens. The new “Faceters Packs” have been very popular and we will continue to make these up for gem cutters looking for small parcels of rough sapphire at discount prices. Look out for these on the Rough Sapphire and Imported Rough pages.

Remember that you are welcome to contribute comments to any area of this blog, in particular, the customer feedback area – we love to hear suggestions, comments and feedback from our customers. Please contact us with any enquiry, we will do our best to help.

cheers from Aussie Sapphire