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New rough available in small parcels – bargains galore !!

Posted March 28, 2005 By AussieSapphire

Aussie Sapphire has some great faceters packs available featuring our own fantastic Reddestone blue sapphires. However, gem cutters may be interested in purchasing some of our other gemstones in this way. We have put together small parcels of mixed colour tourmaline, aquamarine and spessartite garnet – great prices and fantastic quality for faceting.


This one is LW-IR-011: 4 great cutters – spessartite, a rare and beautiful variety of garnet originating from Africa. Our last shipment of spessartite got snapped up really quickly so dont miss out on getting a look at this lot.

We expect some more tourmaline to arrive soon – blue variety which is much sought after. Check here to see when this comes in but in the meantime, feel free to browse our online shop for great bargains in rough stone, faceted gems and finished jewellery.

We have finally got around to listing our black spinel rough (great bargain price) and some of our own Reddestone Creek zircon (lovely red/orange colour and totally natural). Please check these out at the Other Gems section – previously under construction but now fully working.

Cheers from Aussie Sapphire

New Sapphire Rough Listed

Posted March 19, 2005 By AussieSapphire

As we have sold much of our rough sapphire, we have just sorted through last month’s mine production and listed some new product in the Rough Sapphire catalogue. We have also had lots of enquiry for small quantities of mine run sapphire – as we have explained, it is sometimes difficult to purchase small quantities and have a good chance of getting good quality stones. In response to this demand, we have put together “Faceters Packs” which contain good quality cutters at discount prices. Price per carat is discounted compared to buying individual stones so check these out if you are looking for good quality rough sapphire from Reddestone Creek.

Here is an example of one of these parcels – see more details here.

Please remember that our online catalogue only lists a small portion of our inventory, so if there is nothing suitable listed, please contact us and discuss your specific requirements.

Cheers from Aussie Sapphire

Minerama was a great success

Posted March 13, 2005 By AussieSapphire

Thank you to all our customers and visitors who made our first trade show at Minerama such a big success! It was great to make good sales and meet all of you to chat about sapphires and all things gem-related. We had lots of display material and a slide show running showing photos/videos of our mine – this was a great way for people to learn more about commercial sapphire mining.

Our stand at Minerama with some of the Aussie Sapphire crew and a customer inspecting some of our rough.

Minerama was a very successful show for us – we had customers ranging from Glen Innes locals to visitors from America, England and elsewhere. Many buyers appreciated being able to purchase quality rough at bargain prices while others were after our cut gems and items from our new range of jewellery. We plan to be at next year’s Minerama so hope to see you there.

Aussie Sapphire


Posted March 13, 2005 By AussieSapphire

One of the features of Minerama is being able to participate in guided tours to various fossicking areas around the district – some not normally open to the public. As part of our involvement with Minerama this year, we allowed one of these tours on to our property to fossick on the Reddestone Creek for some of our famour blue sapphires. As you would expect, some went away empty-handed and determined to make that big find next time. However, there were a number of successful fossickers who found good sapphires that were suitable for cutting.

Successful fossicking on the Reddestone Creek
This lucky fossicker found a very nice 5.5 carat sapphire which he brought back to be faceted straight away – it cut into a very nice 1.2 carat gem. Congratulations! We also chatted with some other people who found a nice lot of gems including two sapphires 7.5 carats and 5.5 carats.

Well done everyone from Aussie Sapphire

Minerama News

Posted March 11, 2005 By AussieSapphire

Just a quick post to let everyone know that our first day at Minerama has been extremely successful with lots of interest in all products – particularly our rough Reddestone blue sapphire. Will be posting pictures on our website and on the blog over the next few days. Will be interesting to see how successful the fossickers on our property will be as they chase those gems right in the Reddestone Creek – hopefully they will do well. We’ll be taking the camera down there tomorrow to catch them in action.
Thank you all for your support – hope you enjoy the great bargains many of you have picked up on the Aussie Sapphire stand. Please come back again and visit our online shop where plenty more bargains are to be found.

Aussie Sapphire