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It’s all about communication!

Posted July 27, 2011 By Admin

Aussie Sapphire has a multi-faceted (pun intended) approach to communication.

Each part of the strategy has its place but we’ve just added facebook to the mix so might be worth just running through the options for you.  We love to hear from you so feel free to utilise all of these communication options.

  • Aussie Sapphire website – our main website is for easy convenient online purchasing.  Pretty obvious but worth stating.
  • Contact Page – email is the best way to contact us – we DO read our emails and respond to them!
  • Toll Free Telephone – we know some people prefer to talk to us rather than email.  Our toll free number 1800 50 21 40 is there for your convenience.
  • Product reviews – each product on our website has a link where you can rate and review the item.  You must be logged in to submit a review but this is a great way to let other people know what you like or dislike about any product.
  • Testimonials – Feel free to add a testimonial or simply browse through those already submitted – see box at bottom left menu.
  • Aussie Lapidary Forum – affectionately known as ALF.  The forum is free to join and allows you to chat with like-minded people about gems, fossicking or the lapidary arts.  Features events calendar and fully functional media gallery to post your photos.
  • Aussie Sapphire Blog – you’re here right now.  We use the blog to publish news of interest and various articles.  Any topic which needs a little more room to give more information is likely to be put on the blog.
  • Aussie Sapphire on Facebook – our new facebook page is designed to put small snippets of news and information with links back as appropriate.  If you use facebook regularly, “like” us so you can keep up to date with happening news.

There is lots of linking back and forth but this is the overall strategy.

Communication is an absolute priority at Aussie Sapphire – it helps us provide good customer service and stock the products you need.  Everyone is encouraged to let us know what we are doing right and where we can improve.

cheers for now from the Aussie Sapphire team