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Emmaville Gemfest

Posted August 17, 2008 By AussieSapphire

Emmaville Gemfest is coming up very soon so make sure you keep this weekend free for a really friendly and fun gem show up in the heart of the New England gemfields.

GEMFEST – 6th, 7th & 8th September

For more information, please contact the Emmaville Mining Museum 6734 7025, Ron Jillett on 6734 7210 or Kay Schroder on 6734 7281.

There will be field trips for Molybdenite, Topaz, Quartz, Silver, Tourmaline & Copper – all leave from the Caravan Park in the morning.  Camping is available at the Caravan Park – for bookings, contact Debbie Lowe on 0429 333 122.

We wont be trading there all weekend as Andrew will be heading overseas a few days later but we hope to visit on Saturday and might load a few items in the back of the ute.  We’ll see how we go for time.  However, we have always really enjoyed going to this one and higly recommend it to everyone.

cheers from Andrew and Leah (www.aussiesapphire.com.au)

Minerama Field Trip Options

Posted February 28, 2008 By Admin

One of the most important features of Minerama is the programme of field trips.  Fossickers can visit a range of locations in the company of an experienced guide to look for a range of gems.  Heaps of fun and very affordable. 

There are field trips to suit all types of fossickers – from the complete beginner to the utterly obsessed.  See the Minerama website for more information on the program or just call in to the Minerama information desk for some guidance.

Click “Continue Reading” below to see some options for each day from Thursday 6th March to Monday 10th March 2008.

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Minerama Field Trips 2008

Posted February 8, 2008 By Admin

The draft field trip program for Minerama has just been received from the field trip convenor – John Paix.  This is a draft version; we are always dependent on good weather conditions to run these or any other trips. The weather has been cooler and wetter this summer so far and it takes very little rain to make the creeks rise and areas to become inaccessible.

See the detailed trip instructions on the website for more information.

Remember – tickets are on sale at the rear of the services club where Minerama is held from 8 am Thursday 9th. Tickets are sold on a daily basis and are not available in advance. They will cost $10 for adults and $2 for school age children this year.

Thursday 6th March.
YARROW CREEK. (Garnet Corner) Sapphire, pyrope garnet, zircon, quartz crystal. This is a location we have visited during Minerama for several years. It has yielded good results and should continue to do so for those equipped with the right tools (especially yabby pumps, long handled shovels and crowbars). Many good sapphires and garnets have come from here.

Friday 7th March.
YARROW CREEK: (The Crossing) A location not previously visited on a Minerama trip. Minerals as for Garnet Corner. The proper tools are essential here.
KINGSGATE MINES: This is a rare opportunity to visit an active mining area, courtesy of the mining company. It is the classic location for quartz crystals and bismuth and molybdenite. There will be limited opportunities for collecting. Numbers will be limited to 20.
THREE WATERS on Reddestone Creek. This is a new area for Minerama. Reddestone Creek is rich in sapphire and zircon.

Saturday 8th March.
YARROW CREEK: (The Blockup) Another location on the creek. Minerals as for Garnet Corner.
LONEWOOD on Reddestone Creek. The same locality as the last three years. Some very fine sapphires and zircons have been found here.
EMMAVILLE area: A visit to old mining areas near Emmaville for mineral specimens.

Sunday 9th March.
YARROW CREEK: (The Old Mine area). Another location for sapphire, zircon, garnet and quartz
TINGHA SANDS AND STANNIFER: Classic localities for rutilated quartz (grass stone) and quartz jelly beans. Approximately 80 km drive each way.

MONDAY 10th March.
BACK CREEK: (Pinkett area) An area we have not visited for several years. Quartz crystal, sapphire, zircon, topaz and black tourmaline.
PRETTY VALLEY: A location we have been visiting since 1991 and still producing sapphire, zircon, topaz and excellent quartz. Anyone can find small gems here. Limited to 25 because of the small area involved and the limited water flow in the gully.

Minerama on soon.

Posted January 10, 2008 By Admin

Just eight weeks to go until Minerama – the Gem and Fossicking Show at Glen Innes. This one is always very popular so get planning for a trip to the New England for hands-on fossicking and heaps of gem show bargains.

You can find more information at the Minerama Website.  The committee is still working out fine details on the field trip program but I expect the trips will be similar to last year.  Hoping to include Tingha Sands this time for the quartz crystal collectors (yet to be confirmed); The Auzex Kingsgate tour will run again with kind cooperation from Auzex Resources (a sapphire level sponsor of Minerama); Reddestone Creek at the same location as last year; Yarrow Creek locations are yet to be confirmed.  Please check the website through February for more information on the field trip program.

Dont forget that this year, scenic flights over the mining areas of Glen Innes and Emmaville will be offered by Inverell Aviation. 

Book directly with the pilot by phoning (02) 6723 1344 – flights leave from Glen Innes airport (just west of Glen Innes on the Emmaville Road) on Friday and Saturday.

Also – lots of cash and BP fuel card prizes on offer by way of a raffle, lucky door prize and lucky field trip prize draws. 

Plenty of accommodation choices in Glen Innes from luxury B&B’s to camping in the great outdoors.  You are encouraged to consider the Minerama sponsors when choosing accommodation or services in appreciation for their support.

Of course, Aussie Sapphire will be attending Minerama as a trader.  We have a great selection of products on offer – from the finest gems to gem/lapidary tools and supplies.  We have a number of new and used faceting machines/accessories in stock right now so if you are looking to upgrade or get started in the hobby, look out for the Aussie Sapphire stall inside the Services Club auditorium.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah (Aussie Sapphire)

Diprotodon fossils

Posted September 5, 2007 By Admin

As mentioned in the last post, one of the more unusual items shown to us last weekend was a small box of fossils collected from the Reddestone Creek some years ago.  This was particularly interesting as Andrew remembers when the University of New England did this dig so seeing the fossils brought back quite a few memories.




A number of different species were found during the dig but the Diprotodon is probably the most well known.  Andrew is seen here holding a Diprotodon tooth along with the cover of a book showing what a complete skull would look like.  These giant marsupials were part of the Megafauna group and were quite common across Australia through the Pleistocene era.

See these articles for more information on the Diprotodon.


Thanks to Bob Irish of the Glen Innes Gem Club for bringing these (and some other interesting gems) around to show us – we appreciate it.

cheers for now from Andrew and Leah (Aussie Sapphire)